fictional short stories, short short stories, short books, scary horror storiesMama’s Pills

Rachel Newsome and her two children have been abused by her husband Donte for the past four years.

To make matters worse, she has a family secret that could make the situation even more hostile.

Her only saving grace are the pills she’s been taking since she was a teenager, but now they are missing. Will Rachel find the pills?

Or will things go from bad to deadly?

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urban fiction, urban fiction books, cheap urban fiction booksMurder She Post: A Short Story

Felicia loves Michael, but Michael is married. So she hashes a plan to expose their affair on Facebook in hopes of forcing his wife into filing for divorce.

Will she finally get the man she wants? Or has she set herself up on a date with disaster?

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urban fiction, urban fiction books, cheap urban fiction books


The Goodman Wife

After years of betrayal and emotional abuse, Gabby Goodman is at a crossroads in her life.

She has to choose between saving her marriage or saving herself.

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urban fiction, urban fiction books, good urban fiction books

The Sewing Machine

Hannah Jenkins’ grandmother, Mary, has been the cornerstone of her life for as long as she can remember.

After she suddenly falls ill, Hannah is forced to take the forefront in caring for her while the rest of her family move on with their carefree lives.

But things take a turn when one day Grandma Mary goes missing from her hospital room and is nowhere to be found.

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