‘The Coming’ Takes A Brutal, Haunting Look At The Middle Passage From Africa To The Americas

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Dr. Daniel Black

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a friend when she told me about this book she had been reading for one of her theology courses.

She lit up with excitement when she bragged about meeting the author and heard first hand how he came about writing the book through meditation and spiritual intervention.african american literature, african american fiction, the middle passage

Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing for me to hop on Amazon and purchase my own copy of The Coming by Dr. Daniel Black.

Growing up, the most I ever learned about slavery was chapters in American History class about the Civil War hailing President Abraham Lincoln as the hero and church speeches we had to memorize during Black History Month. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention movies and television shows like Roots, Amistad and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

As a descendant of enslaved Africans it’s always been a deep desire to know more. Not to just know the stories, but get to know the people. Who they were before they were captured and enslaved. How did they feel? What was it that they held on to to preserve their humanity and survive the abuse, loss and brutality that was waiting for them once the chains were flung around their necks and ankles.

I wanted to know how they survived the horrors of the middle passage? So often our African ancestor’s personal thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams are left out of the details of American history, even a lot of African American history.

Well, after years and years of searching for answers The Coming over-delivered. So much so that at times I’ve had to put it down because emotionally it was too much for me to handle. When I first started reading The Coming, I noticed a profound difference between it and other works of fiction based on the African American slave trade.

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Although it’s supposedly a work of fiction based on historical fact, unlike Roots or Queen it has no single protagonist. Throughout this book the African ancestors speak as a collective. I am convinced that they used Dr. Daniel Black to tell their story first-hand. And believe me, it is very grim and brutal.

The ancestors describe in detail their lives before they were captured. They speak of the actions and the mindsets that made their families and communities vulnerable to those who came to capture them. The African ancestors describe in detail how a single community was meticulously picked apart and how the slave traders so easily learned that in order for their plan to work they had to take those who established the very foundation of a community first.

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Slave Ship: Held by Anti-Slavery International

The ancestors also hold nothing back when describing their brutal and grim journey through the middle passage to the Americas. They speak in detail of death, torture, murder and filthy conditions in which they had to live.

They described how on the ship tribes differences no longer mattered and that they all had to become one. During this horrible ordeal they speak of how they loved and hoped for one another in the face of adversity, only to have it all torn apart once they reached American soil and was sold away from one another.

If you are serious about learning the foundations of African American history and ultimately American history on a personal level at ground zero, then The Coming by Dr. Daniel is a must read.

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